The simple answer is Yes, Office 365 supports both POP3 and IMAP. Any email client that supports POP/IMAP can also be used.

Office O365 pop3 and SMTP

To Configure POP3 and IMAP (incoming mail)

POP3 and IMAP (from an Exchange mailbox) can only be accessed through a secure connection. Your mail client must support POP3 and IMAP through SSL connections.

  • IMAP server:, port 993, encryption method SSL
  • Incoming POP3 server:, port 995, encryption method SSL

Login using your full email address and password.

Configuring SMTP (outgoing mail)

  • Outgoing SMTP server:, port 587. You will need to authenticate to this server so tick the authentication box. Encryption method STARTTLS or TLS or SSL (It is possible you may find an issue with the encryption method, so please attempt the encryption methods in the order given here until you have one that is successful.)

Login using your full email address and password.

Note: When you POP from Exchange for the first time all mail in the account will be downloaded. 
It is therefore not advisable to use this method of mail access if you have a large amount of mail in your account.

Information on connecting using POP/IMAP can also be found online at the Microsoft Office 365 support site.

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