To boost Alexa rank you have to do some hard work daily. Alexa Rankings are very much important to determine the popularity and traffic to website. If you maintain a website and your Alexa rankings are very poor then try to optimize your website to increase or boost Alexa rank. Even Alexa rank is becoming more and more popular among advertisers. So today I have focused on writing tips to boost Alexa rank for website/blog. If you also have some of the tips that I have missed here you can comment below and I will sure add it to the list of the tips with your name as a tip contributor besides the tip. Hope you will enjoy the below tips and boost Alexa ranking for your website.

Boost Alexa Rank

Are There Any Ways To Boost / Increase Alexa Rank for your website or blog?

Yes, Of course you can increase Alexa rank if you follow some of the precious steps. There is nothing impossible to do and in this situation also we can do it. We can’t increase Alexa rank of our website over night but as the time passes you can see a tremendous change in the rankings of your Alexa stats.
So how is this possible? How to Improve and Boost Alexa Rank? What Kind of steps should you take to increase Alexa rank? For these questions here below are some of the best answers.

Tips to increase Alexa Rank for your website

You should have Purchased a Domain Name which is a top-level TLD like .com, .org, .net etc.

This should be your first and foremost step that you have to take in order to boost your Alexa rankings.
In Alexa’s new look, Alexa have completely removed the Alexa traffic rank generation widget page and it has become very difficult to bloggers to add the traffic rank widget form Alexa. So I have given a briefly tutorial on how to get the traffic rank widget on to your blog or website in the above link.
You may have a question on Why to use Alexa traffic rank widget on my blog?  Many people saying that Alexa only catches those stats that are crawled by their bot or system what ever. If your website or blog is very young and doesn’t have enough posts then It might be the case that Alexa system doesn’t catch-all the visitors and updats that your blog gets. So if you place this traffic rank widget you will be able to notify Alexa each and every step that your blog is undergoing. So it’s very Important to add Alexa traffic rank widget for your website.
 The Alexa toolbar will help improve your rank instantly, bring every page view to your website live to Alexa.
This is Alexa’s primary way of tracking internet traffic, every visit counts so install the toolbar.
4) Update Your Blog/Website Frequently
If your website is very young the you will definitely work hard to update your website daily with the related content that your niche supports. Major Search Engines love to index new and fresh content. If your blog doesn’t provide fresh content then the frequency of the search engine bots visits will decrease and eventually getting lower index in search results. This will affect your traffic and the number of visitors that you get for your blog. So Alexa rankings also decrease accordingly. Content is KING.
5)  Get More Traffic to Your Website
Traffic is one of the important key points for increasing Alexa rank. Generally most of the websites get traffic from the search engines. So it’s better you do some SEO stuff on your blog so that Your website will get higher search engine rankings. This way you will get more traffic to your website.
6) Get Back-links to Your Website
Back-links are very important to get higher page rank for your website. Each and every blogger strives hard to get as many back-links as possible for this website. These back-links also get traffic for your website.
7) Social Networks
It’s important to expose your blog to all the social networks so that you will get some reputation to your blog and free traffic to your website through these social networking sites. Even you will get back-links from these social networking sites. Though links from these social networking sites don’t count for your page rank, it will help your blog to get authority my increasing the links to your blog. Search engines will follow the links even from Social Networking sites and thus you will get a frequent visits from the search engine bots. This will keep your blog updated in the search engines and your posts will get instantly indexed in the search engines.


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