Oracle Virtual Box

  1. One of the methods for installing Linux onto a PC is to install it into a virtual environment like VirtualBox.
  2. Firstly, download VirtualBox: go to
  3. Download
  4. Once it has downloaded, double click on the downloaded file to install it.
  5. And once it has installed, double click on its icon to open VirtualBox.
  6. You want to create a new virtual machine, so click on New.
  7. Read the message, and click Next.
  8. The installer wants a name for your virtual machine: you can call it Fedora.
  9. Click Next.
  10. You can accept the recommended amount of base RAM; click Next.
  11. We come now to the creating of the virtual hard disk: accept the defaults and click Next.
  12. Again, use the default settings and click Next.
  13. Use a dynamically allocated virtual disk; click Next.
  14. Use a starting size of 8 GB; click Next.
  15. You are now ready to start; click Create.
  16. Check the summary, and click Create again.
  17. You are now ready to install Fedora into your virtual machine. Insert the Fedora installation into the DVD drive. With the Fedora option selected in VirtualBox, click Start.
  18. Click OK to accept auto capturing the keyboard; you can turn this on and off using the Ctrl key on the right of the spacebar on the keyboard.
  19. The First Run Wizard should start as you are starting the virtual machine for the first time; click Next.
  20. Choose where the bootable disk is located; insert the disk at this point if it is not already in the drive.
  21. Click Next.
  22. Click Start.
  23. Fedora will then install. Follow all the prompts in the install process.
  24. Once the installation is complete, click Continue.
  25. Then boot into Linux, clicking past the various dialog boxes that pop up.
  26. You can now login and use Linux.
  27. At the end, either choose System-Shutdown or Machine-Close and power off the machine.
  28. Next time you want to use Linux, simply select the Fedora option and click Start.
  29. Close VirtualBox when you are done.

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