C# and VB.NET developers can use .NET Fiddle to play with code within a browser window and to share code via URL.


jsFiddle is one of my favorite online tools, because it allows you to easily test and prototype JavaScript, HTML, and CSS within your browser. I had never dreamed of such a tool for .NET developers, but .NET Fiddle brings the same features to C# and VB.NET developers.

Basically, it allows you to fiddle around with code snippets within a browser window negating the need to load Visual Studio, which is overkill when you just want to work with a small amount of code. One of .NET Fiddle’s biggest selling points is that it’s free.
Test code

The basic .NET Fiddle interface is shown in Figure A. The left portion of the interface contains options for Language (C# or VB.NET), Project Type (Console or Interactive), NuGet Packages, and whether Auto Run is enabled. Interactive mode allows you to type lines of code without structure, while Console mode includes the Program class and Main method. The Auto Run option allows you to determine if code typed via Interactive mode executes as it is typed.



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