cPanel and its WebHost Manager use the following ports for the management of Dedicated and Virtual Private Servers:

PORT        PROTOCOL        OPEN        SERVICE        NOTES
20        TCP-UDP        I/O-I/O        FTP        File transfers (data port)
21        TCP-UDP        I/O-I/O        FTP        File transfers (control port)
22        TCP        I/O        SSH        ssh, scp copy, sftp
25        TCP        I/O        SMTP        Outgoing email
37        TCP        O        rdate        Network time
43        TCP        O        WHOIS        Domain lookup
53        TCP-UDP        I/O-I/O        DNS        Inbound is only needed if you run public DNS server
80        TCP        I/O        HTTP        Web server
110        TCP        I/O        POP3        Incoming email
113        TCP-UDP        O-O        Ident        Client identification
123        UDP        O        NTP        Network time
143        TCP        I        IMAP4        Incoming email
443        TCP        I/O        HTTPS        Web server SSL
465        TCP        I        SMTP         Outgoing email SSL/TLS
587        TCP        I/O        SMTP        Outgoing email
873        TCP-UDP        O-O        rsync        File, directory sync
993        TCP        I        IMAP4         Incoming email SSL
995        TCP        I        POP3        Incoming email SSL
2077        TCP        I        WebDAV        Distributed authoring
2078        TCP        I        WebDAV        Distributed authoring SSL
2082        TCP        I        CPanel        CPanel control panel
2083        TCP        I        CPanel        CPanel control panel SSL
2086        TCP        I        WHM        WHM control panel
2087        TCP        I        WHM        WHM control panel SSL
2089        TCP        O                CPanel licensing
2095        TCP        I        Webmail        Web based email
2096        TCP        I        Webmail        Web based email SSL
2703        TCP        O                Razor email scanning
3306        TCP        I        MySQL        Out only if you need to connect remotely
4643        TCP        I                Virtuozzo control panel
6277        UDP        O                SpamAssassin
6666        TCP        I        Chat        CPanel built in Java chat

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